Haili Garden Hotel( 海力花园酒店)

Add: No.557,Jingang Avenue,Nansha District,Guangzhou



Haili Garden Hotel is located in the heart of Guangzhou Nansha Special Economic Zone, with Huangshanlu Forest Park as backdrop. The hotel features an outdoor pool, table tennis facilities and a fitness centre. Free Wi-Fi and wired internet are available in all areas.

We will set up a registration table at the lobby on Feb.23, 2021.


Conference Room 


Transportation Guideline

How to get to Haili Garden Hotel from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CAN):

  •  By Bus(around 2h 54min; CNY 58)

1. Take the Airport Express Nansha Jiaomen Line bus, from BaiYun JiChang T1 B11 Gate to JiaoMen GongJiaoZongZhan

2. Walk 3 min to get to JiaoMen DiTie Zhan bus stop

3. Take the NanSha G4 Line bus to HaiLi HuaYuan Zhan

4. Walk 6 min, approx 400 meters from HaiLi HuaYuan Zhan to the Haili Garden Hotel


  • By subway Line 3&5&4& Bus G4(around 2h 8m, including 5 min transfer; CNY 16)

1. Take subway line 3 from Guangzhou Airport South Station to Tiyu Xilu Station; transfer another line 3 from Tiyu Xilu Station to Zhujiang New Town Station (46 min, Every 5 minutes)

2. Transfer the line 5 from Zhujiang New Town Station to Chebeinan Station (14 min, Every 5 minutes)

3. Transfer the line 4 from Chebeinan Station to Jiaomen Station (42min, Every 5 minutes)

4. Walk from Jiaomen Station to Jiaomen DITieZhan bus stop for less than 1min

5. Take the bus Nansha G4 Line from Jiaomen DiTieZhan to HaiLi HuaYuan Zhan (14min)

6. Walk 6 min, approx 400 meters from HaiLi HuaYuan Zhan to the Haili Garden Hotel


  • By Taxi (around 1h 23min, 94km)

One-Way: CNY 280-340 or USD 40-50